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If you haven’t been considering advertising to the Russian-speaking community in Atlanta, then you should change your mindset today!

Why?Russians love to find a select group of businesses to become loyal to. Therefore, if you cater to them, they will come to you. Most importantly, they will stay with you. RussianTown Magazine is a free publication connecting directly with the Russian-speaking communities in Atlanta and Georgia. This means that it gives you access to an entire segment of the population that is dying to be reached. Russian advertising in Atlanta, through our magazine, will put your business in contact with over 60,000 Russian-speaking people in Atlanta and its suburbs. That’s 60,000 more people than you are currently reaching. Just think what these additional customers would do for your bottom line!

Russian Advertising Newspaper in Georgia

FREE!! That’s right – our Russian newspaper and magazine in Atlanta and Georgia is free to the consumers that are looking for your business.RussianTown is distributed it to more than 20 Russian grocery stores, law offices, doctors’ offices, colleges, etc. in the Atlanta area. There are also numerous outlets that our magazines end up in, as well as more lining up for the opportunity to distribute our magazine. What does having Russian media in Georgia mean to you? It means new, loyal customers and repeat sales. The more readers of the magazine we have, the more consumers that will read YOUR ADS! While having a magazine in print is a great thing, RussianTown does not stop there – in addition to placing your advertisement in our printed version magazine, we will also place it in our portal at This makes it easy for readers to refer our magazine as well as your advertising to their family peers. This makes the visibility of our magazine skyrocket two or three times the amount that will read our physical magazine. This also makes RussianTown, and you, accessible from their smartphones, computers and portable “smart” devices.

Our readers can obtain a full electronic version of Russian Town in PDF format from our web portal. That’s right – an exact copy of your print magazine advertisement will also reach thousands of people online. RussianTown Magazine has archived its issues since 2003, which means that Russian media in Atlanta goes back further than just a few years.

What is the most important question?

The question is: “What are you waiting for?” RussianTown has over 3,500 readers that access its website daily. If we calculate the numbers of readers the print edition touches, we are looking at about 25,000 readers plus the number of readers who choose to read our online version. Approximately 55,000 people are touched by RussianTown and this number is constantly growing. Come and let your business grow with it!

The quality of RussianTown attracts readers
The contents of RussianTown keep their attention
As a result, your cooperation with us turns a minimal advertising expenses into fruitful profits for your business.

This has been checked, confirmed, and appreciated by many Russian-speaking people in the City of Atlanta and surrounding metro areas.